Wednesday, January 03, 2007
While visiting my husband's family on Long Island we had a visit from our dear friend Pat. Jared and Pat went to Junior and High School together, then we all attending SUNY Fredonia together and Jae and Pat were roomies with 2 other guys in an awesome suite. I've missed Pat's intelligence, humor, and sincerity in the past few years and it was awesome to see him again!

My in-laws: Nani, Poppi (what Emma calls my MIL and FIL), me, Aunti Erica. (Bottom): Aunt Katelin, Jared, cousin Arynn (Erica's darling boy), and of course, Emma!

Aunti Beez holds Emma and Joshie, who are both so pleased that she's home from London for a visit!!!

The women of the family gather together on Christmas Eve while the men eat. :) (Top: Mary Sue, Kathy, Vicky, Chrissy, Ruthie, me, Maureen; Bottom: Erin, my mom Margaret, Aunti Ann; Bottomy-Bottom: Bre).

Julie (Paul's girlfriend), Erin, and Paul (my dear cousins)

Paige and Emma greet one another with huge hugs!

Daddy and Emma sharing a look of love. This melts my heart every time I see it; I'm so grateful to have married this man and to have created life with him.

Emma tries out Elmo's nonnie (what our family calls a pacifier). Strange because the kid has always hated nonnies!

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