Sunday, August 26, 2007
It's been busy. Hectic. Stressful. Joyful. Blessed. We've had a lot on our minds and a lot to do lately, and for that I'm glad. There is nothing worse for me than a whole day of sitting around, left alone with my thoughts and two babes who rely completely on me for everything.

First, it was our 4th wedding anniversary on August 16th. I got him a watch, he got me a locket with pictures of the girls inside; something I had mentioned months and months ago. This is insane; the man has NO memory to speak of, yet he managed to surprise me by giving me the one thing I really wanted! Also, a dozen long-stemmed red roses. :)

It was my sister's 26th birthday and no one was going to be home (Mom, Dad, and Sister took Brother to Indiana for his first year of college). So I made sis a cake and she celebrated with hugs from her little man:
The girls have been doing fine. Emma is the smartest child I've ever known! And so darn cute, I can barely stand it!!

Here's Adam, my little brother, the night before he left for school. Oh, how I miss him. We've always been super close, and it feels like there is a hole in the family now.
Savannah is getting so big! Her hair on top is starting to grow back now, and her eyelashes are sooooo super long, just like her big sissy's!

Daddy and Emma have been enjoying building with Em's new humongo legos. See the crazy robot?
Now see the crazy Daddy! (This is SO gonna be his new myspace pic).
Emma and I have a lot of time to play with Savannah while Jared works. She's such a good big sister, always ready to hold a binky in place, get me a diaper, or give me a hug when I'm feeling overwhelmed. (And yes, we are both wearing purple). :)

We got tickets to see The Wiggles on Oct.27th, Savannah 4th month birthday! Jared and I go to see Tori Amos on Oct.24th, so it's going to be a very busy and exciting week for us!!!
Savannah is awake now....gotta run. More later.

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Monday, August 20, 2007
Lots going on. PPD is back...seeking help. For right now, Jared and I share our common mantra: "just keep swimming". Sounds dumb, maybe, but Dory from Finding Nemo (Emma's favorite movie) has really made things easier to get through. In fact, when I'm done breastfeeding (hopefully not for another 2 years) I'll be getting a tatto of those words. Also, one of each girls footprints.

Jared works 4 days a week, 11 hours a day. This leaves me saying "just keep swimming" over and over to myself during the hard times when PPD leaves me thinking I'm unable to cope. I. hate. this.

But we're getting by. I'm doing okay. Emma and Savannah are both joys and wonderful babes and make the darkness less blinding. It's not as bad as last time, only a few times of utter terror and helplessness. All in all, I'm doing really okay.

Also, going for certification from DONA, doulas of north america. Yep, gonna be a certified doula. Very exciting for me, a calling for sure. Also going for my masters in literacy in the spring, so very busy.

Okay, that's about all. Oh, random pics of the girls:

Emma's kissy face: (21 months old!)

Savannah at 7 weeks - yes, she takes a binky because if she didn't she'd be sucking on me 24/7. And at this point, that would drive me crazy. Not as in "drive me crazy" the stupid cliche, but "my PPD is coming back so bad at times that if I wasn't able to put the baby down and let her suck on a binky while dealing with Emma's toddler tantrums I'd honestly, literally be sucked down into the winding spiral of hell that I went through last time I gave birth".

Emma carrying her doll, Noodle, and Curious George. This is because we wear Savannah so often! I need to make this little girl a doll sling to match mine.

Savannah has the same long eyelashes of Emma and her Daddy, and they're getting dark, too!

Notice the little elvish ear? Just like me. :) I'm so in love.

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