Thursday, January 04, 2007
I've officially put Christmas away for another year (halleluiah!). The tree was sitting there half taken down for 2 days and the cards were irking me from their doorway hanging positions and even the manger with the lovely baby Jesus was starting to annoy me. So this morning, while Emma munched Cheerios and watched Sesame Street I kicked myself into high gear and:

1. Took down the entire tree, put it away, and stacked it in the kitched for Jared to store later on.
2. Vacuumed while holding Emma. This may not seem like a feat, but believe me - vacuuming while holding a wriggly toddler and being 4 months pregnant is anything but easy! She's terrified of our vacuum (it's insanely loud) and screams in fear if I turn it on and Daddy's not around. Hmm. Why is it that Daddy's presence makes Emmie 100% uninterested in the goings-on of the vacuum, while Mommy's presence makes Emma curl up in the fetal position and cry her lungs out?
3. Rearranged all the living room furniture. Something I know I shouldn't be doing by myself. But I couldn't wait.
4. Did as many dishes as Emma would let me before her screams of "MAMA!" made me throw down my sponge in frustration.
5. Put away (organize & pick up) all of Em's new toys.

The little monsteroni is now sleeping peacefully after fighting a nap and I'm ready to collapse. But a shower is waiting for me and I can't wait to slather on Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion aaaaaallllllll over my body. It's the strangest pregnancy craving I've ever had; I swear, I'd eat the stuff (or my arm) because it just smells so good!

Now that the holidays are over there are many projects I'd like to finish (or start, in some cases). I have Emma's handprint quilt to finish, a picture collage for the relatives and friends, and once we find out Bean's gender I would like to make something special for him/her as well. Now if I only had ideas...

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