Wednesday, April 09, 2008
I spent the entire day cleaning and cooking and getting things ready for our friends C & D to come over and they never showed. We haven't seen them in a year and a half and stopped talking for awhile when I told them we were pregnant with Savannah (they suffered a miscarriage a few years ago). They split up (I think they were close to divorce but don't really know because they didn't talk to us. They're back together now and I was really looking forward to catching up. I guess they were going to be here at 4ish and it's now 8pm and I'm getting really worried that something happened on their hour and a half drive here. D isn't answering her phone and we called their work to see if they were working tonight but they're not. I have a bad feeling about this. And if they simply didn't show and didn't feel like answering their phone or calling us...well, I just can't imagine why that would have happened.

Okay, to get my mind off of this I'll post some pics.

Emma sitting on the beanbag chair we got Josh for his 5th birthday (sitting with Bella and Charlotte, Josh's friends).

Emma and Zelda magnadoodling together in her cardboard box house. :)

Look what happened when Savannah got into the wipes!

Daddy and Emma cheesing it up for the camera.

Emmie G riding in style!

Savannah taking a ride on Josh's scooter. She loved it!!

Savvy trying out the beanbag chair. Doesn't she look like a little flower in that skirt?

My dear nephew and his mommy, my sister Alissa, celebrating Josh's 5th birthday.

It's an Emma sandwhich! Hayley and Miriam are the bread. :) This was taken at this past Monday's playgroup.

Savvy's first swinging!!! She LOVED it!!! (That's Emma pushing her).

The little flower girl on my parent's driveway.

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