Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Savannah could have very well died tonight. But she didn't. And I have no clue how it is that she is absolutely unharmed by what happened. It is a miracle, plain and simple.

Earlier today the girls and I went to my parents' house to play for a bit, to escape the endless bickering that was taking place due to their being sick and cranky. (How does a 10-month old bicker? By screaming at her sister everytime that sister gets near her, and then big sis pushes/hits little sis, and they both scream. Fun).

At the end of our visit, around 5 o'clock p.m. my mom noticed that Savannah was pushing her tongue in and out, seemingly to feel her top teeth (which, apparently, she never knew she had). It was cute and we watched her and laughed and she was fine and happy.

I drove home with the girls and let Emma ride her bike around and put Savannah down on the ground for maybe 30 seconds while I ran inside and grabbed the mail key. We went for a walk and I noticed Savannah doing something silly with her mouth; it looked like she was chewing on her tongue and trying out those new teeth again. Jared came home and he took the girls upstairs to play while I started dinner, and finally about an hour later Savannah was ready for a nap. I nursed her on both sides and noticed that her latch was off and it hurt, but this isn't anything new because the new additions of teeth have made for some painful nursings lately. Once she had eaten on both sides I gave her her binky but she kept spitting it out and was really out of sorts. I laid her down and she freaked out, so I picked her back up and tried to get her to settle. She would lay her head on my shoulder then start making a weird gnashing sound with her teeth and as I held her up to look at her I noticed that there was something in her mouth. I put my finger in, expecting paper or a tiny happy-face sticker that Emma has put on every toy in the house, but instead I felt something hard. I forcefully swept my finger from side to side and out popped a rock.

I seriously almost lost it. Savannah was screaming and I was screaming for Jared, not knowing if there were any more in her mouth and basically falling apart a bit at the idea of the danger of the situation. Jared ran upstairs and we quickly found that her mouth was empty, thank God. I could not stop saying "Oh my God, Oh my God, thank You, God, thank You...." over and over again. Then I immediately burst into tears. The only thought going through my mind was "She could have baby could have choked and died". If she had fallen asleep and choked we wouldn't have known. Not for hours. We don't go in and check when she's sleeping because she never sleeps for longer than 2 hours and she's such a light sleeper that any movement/noise will wake her up.

I cannot believe that this happened. I sobbed and sobbed, holding her close as she stared, confused, at me and played with my hair. Then I thanked God over and over and over again for the miracle of our tiny babe, who knows how to swallow solid food, keeping that damn rock in her mouth and NOT swallowing it. How the hell did she NOT swallow it? She had it in there for over an hour! And she NURSED! And sucked on a binky! How did she drink and swallow breastmilk and NOT swallow that jagged rock?

I am shaking, still, hours later. My faith has been restored. That may sound cheesy, but it's true.

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