Friday, January 05, 2007
Jared went for his third and final interview for a new job tonight, starting at 6pm. By 7:50pm I was a nervous wreck wondering why he hadn't called and anxious to hear whether he'd been hired by the huge insurance agency. I left a message on his cell saying "Call me as soon as you can, I'm kinda freaking out".

10 minutes later he called to tell me that he'd been hired on the spot. Our lives are going to be changed by this enormous blessing. Thank you, Lord. We've waited and tried our hardest to be patient, and now it's finally paid off. We'll be able to cover all bills, rent, groceries, and extras. Extras! It's so difficult to put into words how frugal we've been these past few years. Any extras have had something to do with Emmie (Kindermusik, clothing, toys, etc.). And now we can look to the future with hope and renewed faith. Someone truly is watching our efforts and rewarding us with blessings we've only dreamed about. Without the ridiculous health insurance we're paying now, the parking costs, the gas for his 30-40 minute commute, we are saving a bundle. Plus the extra money he'll be making a year, of course (this job pays much better!). Oh, my heart is joyful and my nerves are finally calm. I can't remember the last time I felt this at ease with our future.

It's a 2nd shift job - 4:30 to 1am, just 5 miles down the road. Jared is really looking forward to the 10 minute max commute down one single straight road as opposed to his long morning commute to downtown Buffalo, where he fights road ragers and stress and busy highways. I'm looking forward to knowing exactly where he works and how to get there within 10 minutes if there is ever a problem. We're both extremely excited about spending every day together as a family, especially this summer when Bean is born and we can go to the park and the zoo and the aquarium with our three babes (Joshua will always seem like our first child, no matter how many I give birth to myself). In my mind I see us walking by the river with Lisa, Zelda and their new little one (due a week after Bean!), Kelly and Joshua, and Emma and Bean. I'm nursing Bean in the sling while Jared pushes Emma's stroller, and we're enjoying our dear friends and children. This past summer was so amazingly wonderful with the girls and their babies, Emma's first friends her age. I can't wait to do things like that with Jared!

I better get to sleep...Jared is working overtime tomorrow to make a little extra and we have a very busy day. The whole family is going to Adam's hockey game and then we'll be spending the rest of the day with Breanna as she leaves for London again on Sunday to begin her teaching adventure! Oh, what amazing opportunities are coming our way. Today has been...well...there just no words to describe how good this feels.

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