Saturday, June 30, 2007
Things here are hectic but lovely. This past week has been the hardest, most intense, most physically challenging of my life. When I think back to Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night, I can't believe that I ever doubted that I was in labor. I'm so glad that we trusted our instincts on Monday and left the hospital, because I did a lot of hard labor work in the privacy of my own home overnight while Emma slept.

I'll write out the birth story soon. Savannah's birth was the most empowering, amazing thing I've ever experienced. I felt strong and in control, and it was the birth of my dreams. I pushed for 20 minutes only, when I felt the urge, without anyone yelling PUSH in my ear. Instead, my midwife and nurse stepped back after a contraction was over, talked quietly to each other, and Jared held my leg and encouraged me. When I felt another contraction building I was the one deciding when to push - so empowering! It was incredible; to feel that tiny baby coming out was the most exhilarating moment of my life. When her head was out (big relief!) my midwife said "Okay Jared, you're up!" and his hand, holding the camera and documenting Savannah's journey into the world, trembled. It was so touching, I couldn't help but cry. And when they placed her on my belly, everything was right with the world. All the pain and trauma from Emma's cesarean disappeared. I finally got to know what it was like to birth my baby.

And without further ado, my Savannah Hailee. More pics to come!

Our first day home; Savannah and I rest after our long journey.

Emma holds her baby sister for the first time!

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At 8:11 AM, Blogger Mandy said........
What a beauty! Congrats again, momma. I feel very proud of you, and happy for your family. Enjoy this early time, take advantage of the help others, and rest a lot!

All my best wishes.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger John Doe Jr. said........

Great to see everyone is back home and doing well!

What a beautiful family, Kier!



At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Sara said........
She is just precious! And if she looks anything like her big sister, she will be the prettiest girl ever!

You look so . . . . happy. Really, you do. There is something so peaceful about your expression. I am so glad that it all worked out for you the way you have been wishing for.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
she's so beautiful! YOU'RE beautiful too! you look so happy and peaceful - i'm thrilled that you were able to have such a wonderful vbac. there's nothing like the feeling of birthing a baby. to feel that head pressing down and the hot wet body slip's such a miracle, a gift.

i'm so happy for you all!