Tuesday, May 29, 2007
While I'm at the computer and making lists anyway, here's a note to myself about what we still need: (I think I'm trying to kick my butt into gear about getting out and getting some of this stuff knocked off the list!!!)

*Co-sleeper (I hate the bassinet)
*Cloth diapers (we never got around to getting enough. *grr*)
*Glider/ottoman (old one isn't wide enough for nursing)
*Lanisoh (spelling?); nipple soothing cream (can't remember which brand I liked better last time...will get a variety as needed)
*Nursing pads
*Nursing stool (some kind of something that I can put my feet on while nursing the babe)

I think that's it for big stuff. Of course, I'm going to need to stock up on diapers for Em and Savvy if we don't hurry and get some cloth soon - because there's nothing worse than running out of diapers.

While I'm at it, here's the hospital bag list: (everything in red needs to be bought)

*Receiving blanket & clothes for Savannah (packed already)
*Clothes for me:
*Nursing nightgown/ shirt (still need to find a comfy one that I'll be okay to wear in front of company!)
-nursing bras
-some comfy pants (black drawstring, tan capris)
-maternity t-shirts (white, maroon & long-sleeved purple one)
-hair brush
-travel stuff (toothpaste, soap, shampoo & conditioner, deod.)
-toothbrush (need to get a new one)
-hair rubber bands
-quarters & change for vending machines
-cell phone & charger
-digi cam, batteries & charger
-video cam
-phone numbers (if not in cell phone directory, put them in NOW!)
-picture of Emma (yes, I realize this one might make me upset at times because I'll be missing her so much, but I don't think I can make it without one)

I guess that's it. I know they have diapers and stuff at the hospital for Savvy, and with Emma we waaaay overpacked. So this is actually a very short list. If I need anything else, I'll have my mom bring it up.

Okay, enough with lists. I have to get this place clean! (So I'm nesting, sue me!)

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At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Sara said........
I cannot possibly refresh this page anymore than I already have. Tomorrow is D-Day!! And something tells me your little girl is already here! I hope all is well, post when you can.