Wednesday, February 21, 2007
It's been a very busy few days for us here in the J household. We spent the weekend shopping for baby things and spending time with my sister Breanna who is home from the UK to have some surgery done (woman parts stuff). She slept over last night and we had a fun time malling and Block*bustering and Scrabble-ing it up! She bought Em a cute Elmo mylar balloon (which Emmie loves, of course!) and after I got miss Tired-As-Anything into bed we played games and watched The Devil Wears Prada, which we both deemed cute but not funny enough and sorta sad. Of course, we stayed up way too late and I got not enough sleep so I'm a zombie today.

The morning was spent making pancakes and sausage and dropping Bre back at mom&dads and then rushing home to cleanCleanCLEAN for a friend who was coming over. We attempted to give her a nap but she refused all of our efforts and it was then that I realized I'd probably be screwed later when she collapsed in exhaustion.
Jared left for work and Emma and I were surprised by a visit from our neighbors Pooja and Pranav - Pranav is 2 and he and Emma are just starting to get used to one another. They came up and played for a bit and Pooja and I talked while the kids tried their hardest to share, and after they left I had to cancel my plans with Andrea (the friend who was coming over) because Emma suddenly had a bout of horrible oh-so-awful oh my gosh it can't get any worse than this diarrhea/diaper rash. Her poor little bottom is flaming red and when I attempted to clean her off she went into hysterics I've only seen while she is being tortured at the doctor's office. Honestly, I almost started crying myself and I'm no wussy Mommy. I gave up on cleaning her and just put a dry diaper on, not even able to put cream on her. My poor sweetie sobbed so hard that I almost couldn't think what to do for her, and we just sat on the couch and I rocked her and sang to her while she put her head on my chest and clutched at my shirt in desperation, so tired and sore was she.
We sat on the couch for almost 2 hours, me wondering what the heck to do with a babe who fell asleep at 6:45pm and who would most likely be up for the rest of the night. She woke up around 8:40pm and cuddled with me for 15 minutes then was back to her old self (except for when I approached her with a new diaper - but I did manage to change her twice and put enormously thick layers of Desitin on her bum).

Of course, her little late night nap meant that she didn't go to sleep for the night until quarter to midnight, and that she fought sleep and me for almost an hour. It was the most physically exhausting bedtime I've ever had with her; rocking in the glider led to rocking her in my arms while standing up which lead to swinging her while singing which led to a milk baba which led to stories which led to more arm rocking while standing which led to more glider rocking and humming which FINALLY led to baby sleeping in her crib and Mama needing to go online to relieve the tension. Oh, and a ginormous bowl of chocolate almond ice cream.

Em has a doc appointment tomorrow at noon where we'll refuse to let them prick her finger and test her hemoglobin again (because 2 weeks of being sick with a bad cold and no appetite can make it really low, DUH!), and where we'll ask about allergy testing. And my favorite part of each visit: discovering how much our little girl weighs!

Okay, I really need to crawl into bed and watch some sort of HGTV or reality junk. Anything to numb my brain until Jared comes home and we can slip into sleep in each other's arms.

I am SOOOOOO sleeping in tomorrow!!!!

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