Saturday, February 03, 2007
Squirt did not have such a good day today. In fact, if you were to poll her, she'd probably say that today was 99% sucky, 1% awesome.

The awesome came when we visited Grammy, Papa, cousin Monsteroni, and the doggy.

The sucky was:
*Falling over while helping to push the cart at Tar-jay and bashing her head so forcefully into the bars that she got a big welt and bruise (which has now faded into 2 red marks with slightly bloody scratches in the middle of them).
*Coughing up a ton of phlegm and choking so hard on it that she stopped breathing for a few seconds.
*Getting her leg stuck in the ladder while Grammy tried to push her up, not realizing that her legs were stuck!
*Falling into the loosened heat grate in Gram's kitchen (to which I yelled "This thing needs to be fixed NOW before someone gets seriously hurt!", at the top of my lungs, scaring the crap out of everyone in the house but making Squirt laugh away her tears).
*Getting yelled at by mommy (insert shameful face here) when she refused to go to sleep and instead stared up at me with love in those huge blue eyes and a grin on her face. I wanted to tazer myself just seeing the look of confusion in her eyes as she curled up, not grinning anymore, rubbing her eyes and burrowing into my chest as if to say "I might start crying now, but I'll be quiet about it so evil mommy doesn't show up again". Oh, the guilt is a stabbing pain in my chest! And all I could do afterwards was kiss her head and say "I love you, I'm sorry baby" over and over again. Sheesh, these damn pregnancy hormones need to leave me the hell alone when I'm with my kiddo!!

Let's hope tomorrow is better. I have the sewing machine all ready to whip up some amazing homemade jeans and other assorted baby items, and Jae has the day off. Finally. Because this working until 1am is really. starting. to. suck. We should have a nice relaxing day at home. Oh, with an afternoon break for Uncle's hockey game. Squirt loooooooves watching uncle play hockey!

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At 12:07 AM, Blogger KMB25 said........
I'm sorry you had such a bad day on Friday! I hope your weekend got better :) Mine was busy...tiring, and Irish music intensive!