Thursday, March 15, 2007
We've been busy, so no posting. Here's a rundown, bullet form, of what's been keeping me away from the computer:



I attended a MOP event at a local church (mothers of preschoolers, I believe it stands for) and had a very nice time. I went with a friend from high school and saw a few other people I knew. I think I might branch out and join, actually. My faith could use it.

Emma and I recovered from the flu and have been busy playing with our friends and going to swim classes twice a week. She LOVES the water and had a blast tonight at our first evening class. It's run by an elderly woman named Grandma Bea, who sings with the children and does all sorts of neat activities to get them water acclimated. Our friends Tyler (with his mom Stefanie and dad Chad), Josh (with mom Kelly), Mirium (with mom Debbie and dad Jim) and Haley (with mom Rachel and dad Matt) were all there tonight and we had a blast! I'm obsessed with being in the water because it's the only place where my joints don't ache and I feel light and free of this ever-growing body of mine.

Speaking of this body...

I saw a midwife today to see if she was the right fit for me, and she 1,000,000% ISNT. She had me in tears with all of her VBAC warnings, and then when she went to do a pelvic exam she was too busy talking and chatting about nothing that she didn't even tell me when she was going to begin. I have never had such a painful exam ever! She literally thrust the darn speculum in with no warning and then muttered a pathetic "oh, sorry if that hurt" a few minutes later. (Gee, perhaps it was my gasp of pain that tipped her off?). She was just unprofessional and a bit creepy, so I'll be seeing new midwives next week and in the meantime I'll get some blood drawn and talk to my Nina about what on earth to do.

My nephew has dental surgery tomorrow and I'm a mess about it. I'm just praying it goes quickly and smoothly and my poor little monsteroni makes it out okay.

Debbie, Lisa and I will probably go to a "natural baby/birth" store tomorrow to look at slings and other products, and I'll get some info on their hypnobirthing classes (yay!). My parenting philosophies are beginning to affect my life philosophies and for that I'm very glad. I'll go into more detail about this at another time, but for now I have to get to bed.

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