Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Life doesn't stop simply because you're exhausted and can't get out of bed without struggling to scoot to the end of the mattress and then limping because you've been up half the night with leg cramps that leave you unable to walk normally. That's the lesson I've learned in the past few weeks!

We've been busy living life and enjoying the time with Emma before Savannah is welcomed into our family. I keep getting a sense of urgency to make the most of Jared's days off now because once Savvy comes, we won't be able to just pick up and go as easily as we can now. Wow, I can't believe that I just said that picking up and going is easy! It was a snap before kids, but with Emma it's gotten a bit trickier. There are naps and meals to plan and a bag to pack and a wiggly girl to wrestle into a coat and mittens and a hat. It's really anything but easy, but put into perspective of having a newborn, this Emma stuff is simple!!

Our darling nephew Joshua turns 4 on tax day and we will celebrate his birthday on the 14th with a Spiderman/Pirates of the Caribbean themed party (he chose Pirates decorations and a Spidey cake. My mom was about to return the decorations when I reminded her that he chose them himself, and that we've been talking about a Pirates birthday for a month now. So what if the decor doesn't match the cake? He's 4 for crying out loud, and it's only family!).

We've been spending loads of time with Joshie but he's very aggressive lately and I have zero patience left for anyone (that's what happens when you're 30 weeks pregnant and chasing a toddler all the time I suppose). We did happen to have some fun reading the bunch of new pirate books Papa brought home from school, though:

Also, the girl (woman, I suppose) who introduced me to my lovely husband came for a visit last week! Tiffany and I lived together for about a year and a half in college and were very close after meeting freshman year. She and Jared were music majors together and we (plus a bunhc of others) were a tight group of friends throughout college. She is now married to the wonderful Jeffrey, living in N.C. and teaching Kindergarten. Words can't describe how thrilled I was when they pulled up to the house. We hadn't seen each other in about 5 years and the tears flowed freely. I miss and love her dearly. Here we are on the couch: Jeff, Tiff, me and Jared:

In other news, Emma has shown a funny little interest in accessories lately. She puts on her fuzzy pink snow hat constantly, and often wears it for meals:

She also frequently asks to wear one of my necklaces and her purple crocs. I don't know where she learned to be so girly, 'cause her mommy is barely getting a shower or putting on matching clothes daily!

Emma and Josh enjoyed the one day of 60 degree weather we had by playing outside the entire day. Emma was really interested in Josh's drinkable yogart but totally disgusted when she tried it:

We went out to breakfast with our friends Derek, Lisa and Zelda last Friday and then popped over to the Blvd. mall to see the Easter Bunny. You won't find any pictures of Em with the bunny, however, because the second we put her on his lap she had a nervous breakdown. When I tried to remove her from his lap ("save" her!!!) the bunny wouldn't let go; I guess they're trained not to let wiggly children fall off of their laps. But since my child was screaming and reaching for me and I was attempting to save her from the evil bunny rabbit of doom, I didn't want the dude to keep her on his lap. I had to say, loudly, "Let go of her please!" and then shout "Let her go NOW!!" before he let go his death grip. It was very traumatic for Emma (smirk). In order to make her forget about the bunny, Daddy and Derek took the girls on the horsies while Lisa and I took pictures:

Easter was not my favorite holiday of Emma's life. Jared had to work all day long and so this is the only family picture we got of the day: (excuse my no-makeup and crappy pjs).

Daddy and Emma enjoyed finding Em's basket (hidden in her new toybox). See the bib she's wearing? I told you about the new obsession with putting on random accessories/items of clothing! This one is a bib Aunt Bre got her in Paris:

Mommy helps Emma sip out of her new bunny cup:

Emma wore a pretty pink dress and bunny ears to Grammy and Papa's house, and was a hit:

Today my friend Kelly came over with her son Joshua for a playdate. Here are our munchkins lying on Emma's Elmo pull-out couch. They had a good time:

Emma's new toybox box was turned into a fort, and Josh and Emma poked their heads through just before ripping it down:

As you can see, it's been busy. There's a ton to talk about but my back is killing me and I have to sleep. That's all for now!

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