Friday, July 06, 2007
last night was endless. savvy was up every hour on the hour, caught in a wicked cycle of nurse, burp, change boobs, nurse, fall asleep, wake up needed to burp/fart, poop, diaper change, nurse, etc. it was endless, i tell you!

thank god janice understands!!! wanna get savannah and charlotte together and see if their screams will cancel each other out and maybe then they'd just rest quietly? :)

in the middle of our long night, jared and i got very silly. now, usually we'd be at each others throats but it seems that every time we bring a new baby home and experience sleep deprivation we get delusional and hysterical. in a good way. at around, oh, 4am, we started cracking jokes about nothing in general. later on, as dawn approached and savannah was vacuuming out my boobs with an intensity i've never seen from her before i looked down and noted "now i understand why some animal mothers eat their babies in the wild". jared responded with a "uh huh" and "wait...what?". then, a few minutes later, i glanced at him and whispered "she's starting to look a bit like a hamburger to me!!!!" to which we cracked up and jared licked his lips. :)

yeah, that's how tired we were. you kinda had to be there. thankfully we all took a family nap for about an hour and a half, and with my parents here and outside with the girls i took a shower and now feel semi human again!!!

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