Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Emma in Daddy's shoes. This is one of our favorite pictures of out little girl! That look on her face is such a classic Emma look; grinning but full of mischief! And how is it that she always ends up so disheveled? Who cares, she's my little beauty.

Here are a few of Emma's favorite things:

Her new Elmo couch. It pulls out to make a little bed and she's over the moon about it!

Playing with the evil Gia cat (my cousin's cat). Emma loves all animals, even the mean, hissing ones.

Grammy; specifically, walking in Gram's shoes. My mother humors Emma in everything she does, and spends a lot of time hobbling about on her bum foot (still healing from breaking it 6 months ago!!) while Emma walks in her shoes.

Papa; specifically, staring at him with wonder and amazement. And some awe. And a bit of fear! No, the fear has gone away and has been replaced with a sort of dreamy, crush-like grin. It's insanely adorable, my daughter loving my father and looking at him with what I imagine to be the same look I gave him when I was little. She just loves my parents so much! And they, of course, are in love with her as well!

We had a very lovely Valentine's Day here! Jared got us flowers (seen below) and bought Emma a special giraffe. Grammy and Papa got her the gorilla. :)

One red rose for his soulmate, 2 lavender roses for his sweet daughters.

Savannah's rose, looking beautiful in bloom.

My Aunt Chris had me over for dinner to celebrate my birthday and we ended up watching a Sabres game at the end of the evening. The happen to be the most obsessed fans on earth! Good thing Emma LOVES hockey; she was literally glued to the TV while the "big guys" played!

And she even cheered and clapped along with us when we scored!

Now that we've gotten the camera back I'm sure to document March a lot better than I did February. But still, some pretty wonderful memories captured here. :)

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At 11:48 PM, Blogger KMB25 said........

Those pictures are great!! Emma is absolutely adorable!! :)


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
I love your daughter's eyes, they remind me of happiness. :)