Saturday, February 24, 2007
There are some truly wonderful pictures of my family on our digi-cam but sadly it has been lost in our little home. As soon as I discover it's whereabouts I'll be posting away.
Tonight the family went out to dinner at Lebros for my birthday (which is on Sunday), sans Jared who obviously had to work. Emma had a wonderful time sitting next to Grammy and passing her all the 'poon' (spoons) she could reach and playing with the neato little wooden toy the restaurant provided her with. She ate minestrone soup, chicken parm, and chicken piccata until her little belly almost burst, and I beamed on the sidelines. My sister and I talked about how happy and secure it makes us feel when our children are well fed; we both revel in the days when Josh and Emma eat like champs at every meal and go to bed with full tummies. There is just something about motherhood that makes you need to see your children fill their bellies with sustenance. I never want Emma to finish her food at every meal, I need her to. When she eats poorly I feel out of sorts and worrisome about her overall well-being, much like I imagine every other mother in the world feels about their children. Why am I talking about this? Because I'm thanking God each and every moment of the day that I have the means to provide my child with the food she needs. It's as simple as that. I am so utterly thankful.
On the topic of feeding, I am really looking forward to nursing Savannah when she enters the outside world. I can't wait for that first feeding, and imagine it every night as I rock Emma to sleep. I'm trying to visualize the perfect birth and along with that comes a warm babe nuzzled to my breast, skin to skin, covered with blankets. In this visualization only Jared and I are in the room, and he sits on the bed while Savannah cuddles up and eats. This positive visualization is getting me through the rougher times of this pregnancy and helping to alleviate anxieties about
the birth.
Today is our 8th anniversary! 8 years ago today Jared kissed me for the first time and we officially became a couple. 2 years ago today our darling Emma was conceived, making the 23rd a very special number.
My sister leaves tomorrow to go back to London until August. While she is away our nephew will turn 4 and I'll give birth to her third niece. She will miss a lot and be missed even more. Godspeed her home to us.

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At 11:08 PM, Blogger John Doe Jr. said........

Happy Birthday, Kier!



At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
Yes, Happy Belated Birthday!

I understand the satisfaction you feel when your child eats. There really is something primal about the need to feed our children. One of my most panicked moments was when Julia refused the breast in her second week of life - it was very upsetting to me but thankfully only lasted a few hours.

And I'm looking forward to that first session too. I clearly remember holding Abby before her funeral when my breasts were full of milk and feeling very hurt that I never got the chance to nurse her. I had a BR two years ago but I seemed to produce a lot of milk after Abby's birth so I'm hoping it all goes well this time. Those moments will be sooo sweet.