Tuesday, January 16, 2007
We were blessed to find out today that our baby is a girl! We've chosen the name Savannah Hailee for Emma's little sister. We are very grateful that Savannah is growing and developing right on target and that everything looks perfect. She weighs about 8 oz. and is about 6 inches long now; our little girl has so much growing to do before she's ready to be welcomed into our arms! With Emma I felt a sense of urgency to get to the end of pregnancy, but with Savannah I'm more relaxed and ready to enjoy the 22 weeks that are left. I'm looking forward to our time as a family of four but I want to cherish this alone time with Emma now. It's a little overwhelming to think that we'll have two children under the age of 2 soon, but we're so thankful for this gift we've been given.

Today's sonogram was as exciting as Emma's was in June 2005. We recorded the sonogram and can't wait to watch the screen as Savannah bounces and moves and stubbornly tries to keep her identity a secret from us! For awhile I didn't think she'd let us see but we were finally able to get a good shot and the sonographer is 99% positive it's a girl. This time around we were able to tell the heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder, brain, etc. before the sonographer even pointed them out because it feels like we just did this with Emma! Savannah hid her tiny little face with her hands but we were able to get some amazing pictures to keep and fall even more in love with.

When Jared and I got back to my parents house after the appointment we scooped Emma up, took her into the bathroom, and told her the news privately (not that she understood anything we said, of course!). Then we handed her a baby doll and had her give it to Grammy, Papa, Joshie and Lis. On the pink blanket were the words "I'm going to have a BABY SISTER!", which was our way of telling the family about Savannah. (There's a picture below of us with Emmie's baby wrapped up). Later on we told Jared's family the same way via webcam and they were thrilled.

I feel lucky beyond my wildest dreams, yet my heart is heavy with longing for friends and loved ones who are still waiting for children. May we all be blessed with healthy children in the very near future.

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At 9:08 AM, Blogger Sara said........
Oh I am so happy for you! And I love how you told your family! Did they not know at all that you were pregnant?

Love the name, too . . .

At 6:37 PM, Blogger John Doe Jr. said........

And... poor Jared, to be surrounded by women! At least get him a boy dog or something!


Congrats to all of you.



At 10:39 PM, Blogger Kier said........
They knew, Sara :) So far we've gotten lots of good feedback on her name, which is a relief. I figured we'd get some naysayers (like my Dad!!).

And Steve, there's just no way in heck I'm bringing another small, whiny, needy little thing into the family. *lol*