Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Why am I so happy? It could be for a number of reasons:

1. We found the long-lost digi-cam! It was right on top of the fridge, hidden by some crazy blue painters tape. Pictures are below!

2. Janice found out she's having a girl! Mommy intuition is amazing. I am thrilled beyond words for her!

3. Pop Tarts and hot chocolate at midnight are truly the perfect pregnancy snack. With lots of mini marshmellows! (Mouseminnows, as Josh used to call them). :)

4. A dear friend came for dinner tonight and we had our usual girls only chat - mega fun in the midst of cranky babyville. She's in love and her enthusiasm makes me giddy.

5. Our first swim class was fantastic!

6. I had a truly lovely birthday. We went out to breakfast, shopped at JoAnns, went to dinner with a bunch of our friends and then went to another friends house later on.

The next day Emma and I went to my parents house and celebrated there, and Mom & Dad got me a really awesome new purse and some beautiful maternity clothes. Sisters got me a maternity dress/shirt (a really fancy one from London!) and amazing smelling candle and soap. Have I ever mentioned my obsession with good scents? Oh, it's MUCH worse during pregnancy, when my nose is super sensitive. Everything must be clean and smelling fantastic at all times!

Getting back to the birthday; Mom made all my favorite foods and a yummy cake that tasted just like a huge oreo cookie! It was amazing! The best part of the night came as my parents were singing to me: Emma began slowly bouncing/dancing up and down and singing to me along with them. It was such a precious moment that my heart swelled and broke and regrew a thousand times larger. Kind of like the Grinch, without all the nasty no-good-ing. Oh, how I love my sweet Emma. Enough! Pictures!

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At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
Thanks :) I'm pretty excited about this wee girl too!

And my favorite evening snack right now is peanut butter on toast, when the peanut butter melts into the bread - yum-may!

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