Friday, March 02, 2007
Having slept for most of the day Emma decided that the perfect time to wake up was 1am, just before Daddy got home from work. She was in bed with me, and tossed and turned and seemed alright until Jared walked in the door, then she suddenly became a banshee. I noticed right away that she was burning up and had to send poor Daddy right back out in the cold because we were out of tylenol. Of course. When he returned she was wide awake and we all went into the living room and played for a bit. It's funny; we were both so ballistically happy that she wasn't throwing up anymore that we were actually joyful to be up at 2am playing with Em's Dora ball and farm set and watching The Wiggles' "Top of the Tots!".

The rest of the details of the night are a bit fuzzy, but I know that at some point we returned to bed only to have Em wake up screaming hysterically. Nothing would calm her down and I was feeling very worn out, so Jared stayed up and rocked, held, cuddled, sang to her. Nothing really worked so I popped in a Baby Einstein and turned the volume and brightness down. It soothed her enough for the screaming to go away (she had really horrible gas - a precurser to the lovely diarrhea gushers of today), and I was able to go back to sleep. I figured they'd be back in bed with me in a bit, and so I dragged my butt to bed and tried really hard to melt the number 5:45 off the clock. Stupid clock, laughing at me with its bright red stupid numbers!

I woke up at 6:25am and didn't hear the whizzing of Jared's apnea machine, didn't feel Emma's sweaty little head bashing into mine, and dragged myself up once again. And in the living room I saw the sweetest little sight: Emma sleeping peacefully on her fold-out Elmo couch with her Daddy sleeping right next to her, his arm draped over the side of her couch. Her little legs were falling off (she's a tosser/turner!) so I gently put them back on and blew them both kisses and headed back to bed.

It was a long day. She slept until 8:30 and I was up with them for awhile before I just couldn't stay awake any longer. I napped, she napped, Jared didn't. I don't know how he's making it at work right now but I just got off the phone with him and he seems to be doing fine. Chipper, actually.

So I'm off to bed. It's not even 9pm and I can't remember the last time Emma fell asleep at 8pm! I feel like the most spoiled Mommy in the world!!

Oh, except for the poop stain on my sock and the vomit smell lingering in the air. But besides that.... :)

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