Sunday, March 04, 2007
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After she threw up curdled milk onto my lap Emma put her little head down on me and just looked up at us with dazed, tired little eyes. She finally seemed comfortable, and Jared grabbed clothes, diapers, wipes, a musty sleeping bag, and the sort of clean comforter in the back of the linen closet. Somehow we managed to change her, bundle up the blankets, re-make the bed with the sleeping bag on the bottom to act as a waterproof barrier against any other mishaps. All the while Emma was just lying on my chest in a deep sleep.

It didn't last long.

She couldn't sleep laying down (it seemed to make her tummy hurt worse) so I had her propped up on my pillows...but since my belly takes up much more room and my back kills me every night, that position didn't last long. Jared sat up and tried to hold her but had to move into the living room. Actually, I told him to get out because I had to get some sleep so that we could switch later on, but didn't end up falling asleep until 6-ish. Meanwhile, Jared got Emma to sleep in her crib and he fell asleep in his boxers on the couch with no blankets. Freezing cold and exhausted.

I woke up around 9 to a screaming Emma, thinking "Why the hell isn't he getting her?". I just thought he was still holding her, so I was pretty surprised to see her in her crib, tossing and turning and misreble. We went into the living room, woke Daddy up and sent him to bed (after getting diaper changed/an apple and toast/tylenol). Jared slept until almost 1pm and I actually got Emma to sleep on her little Elmo couch while I devoured a bowl of raisin bran and watched the MTV marathon of America's Next Top Model. I hate that show. I think my brain was temporarily comatose.

I had to call for Jared to wake up a little later because Emma was starving and burning up but wouldn't let me put her down or even move off the couch. Her temp was 102 under the arm and she had some white spots on the insides of her cheeks. Thankfully the doctor let us know that it was all okay and normal.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning and airing the place out, and when Emma woke up from a later nap she was suddenly back to her old self! JOY!!!! Our friend from college, Pat, was in town visiting my cousin Erin (they're buds but she swears nothing more, which is disappointing because they rock as a couple) and we decided to go ahead and have them over for pizza and the game. (The game being the Sabres, of course. What other game matters?). Emma burst into tears as soon as Pat stepped in the door (she is very afraid of strange men) but quickly warmed up to him when he showed her his softer side. We all played with her Dora ball and other toys and had a really lovely visit.

The best part of the night? SHE ACTUALLY SLEPT THROUGH IT! She's sleeping even now as I type this at 6:30am. Why am I up at this ungodly hour if my child is sleeping?

Because her stupid father woke me up and kept me up, like he does almost every night.

It's not really his fault, but when I turn over to ease my aching back and he's literally in my face and not waking up to move over, I'm awake. And when I have to nudge him three times to get him to put his apnea machine on so that he stops that insane snoring...well, then, I'm just plain awake. It's pregnancy insomnia at it's worst, and I'm ready to kill someone. Namely my husband.

Or at least put him out on the couch.

I still can't sleep, so this is edited in a bit later. La la la, here are some nifty things my daughter does/says now:

*Says "thank you", sometimes without prompting. Yesterday I was handing her her sippy cup and said "Here you go, sweetie", and she said thank you and signed it. Genius!

*Says "jump". And reeeeeaaallly jumps. Like, over and over and over until I'm pretty sure she's rattling her brain in her skull. Sometimes she even gets air.

*Climbs up on the couches by herself. This is not so amusing. Rather terrifying, actually.

*Seems to know the color blue. She has a blue ball, a yellow one and a red one, and when she's holding the blue one she'll occasionally say "boo!". Yesterday while she was still ill with fever we were chanting the pattern of flowers on her socks (anything to keep her from crying) and after I was done saying "white, blue, white, blue, white, blue", she suddenly pointed to a blue flower and said "boo". This was about 5 minutes after we were done looking at her socks. Really, people, my kid is a genius. (lol)

*Sings along with the Wiggles. All we have to do is start singing one line of a certain song that goes "And we're making some dough..." but leave out the "dough" and Emma chimes in with "do-do-do". She also sings to the other songs on the DVD and was humming with me two days ago (for the first time). She seemed to think that in order to hum you have to stick your neck out really far. :)

I know she's been saying a lot more lately but I think I'm going to head back to bed and see if I can get some sleep.

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At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
I'm really glad to read that Emma is doing better. Whew.
Hope you all get some rest.
Loved the photos below.
See you,
- Mary